Digital Fiction

Digital Fiction Workshop
In the first part of the workshop we’ll explore and discuss a range of examples of digital fiction, and in the second part of the workshop we’ll evaluate one example of Digital Fiction and its pedagogical teaching resource. Finally, we'll evaluate some great multimedia authoring tools that you can use in the classroom, and you'll have some time for DIY!

Part 1: Digital Fiction Overview
Explore some of the digital fiction examples from the links below as highlighted in the slideshow. Choose one that interests you to respond to the following questions:
  1. How are you positioned as a reader/writer?
  2. What affordances are represented in the text?
  3. What attributes are similar to “old” forms of literacies, and what might be considered “new”?

Part 2: Focussed Study of Digital Fiction with Pedagogical Lens
Exploring Inanimate Alice
  1. Read through any two of the the four episodes.
  2. Discuss the accompanying pedagogical resource with one of your colleagues. In what ways might you incorporate the text into your own teaching, and which elements of the pedagogy resource could you adapt for your particular context? Lets share!

Part 3: DIY Digital Fiction - experiment with multimedia digital authoring tools
Check out Alan Levine’s 50 Ways to Tell a Story
Or try this one: Xtra Normal Text to Movie (make your own 3D movie in minutes)

A New Writing Universe


Click here to read an incredible resource about new forms of digital writing, published by the Australian Council for the Arts.

Digital Fiction & New Forms of Narrative
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Some of my favourite examples of new forms of narrative and the people that theorise about them. Please add to the list!


Webisodics and Filmic Fiction

Interactive Fiction


Distributed Narratives


Alternate Reality Games

Blog Fiction

Kids on the Net Interactive Fiction

Interactive Fanfcition Forums

Flickr Fiction

Mobile Phone Fiction


Video Fiction

Wiki Novel:

Twitter Fiction:

Facebook Fiction:

  • various examples here

SMS poetry / fiction:

Other Microfiction:

Links to Digital Fiction Theory

Links and Lists