Locative Storytelling

Augmented reality refers to the use of computer-generated imagery over a live feed of a real-world environment — something usually achieved with a cellphone camera.

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Geotagging of Content

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Locative Storytelling Commentary

Using the bouquet of emerging mobile and location-based technologies (from GPS-enabled mobile phones to interactive online maps), locative storytelling provides multi-media content that enhances a user’s connection to a given place. At its best, this kind of interactive media gives users increased entry points, and more control over, any given story, thereby enabling deeper and more vibrant experiences. Shorthand for locative journalism, LoJo is the name of a project launched by a team of Northwestern University graduate students to study the intersection of journalism and emerging location-based technologies. Through this project, we hope to create interactive and informative mobile experiences that push innovation in journalism. What are some examples? If you’ve ever been on an audio tour of a museum or a city neighborhood, you’ve experienced locative storytelling. Other examples include Google mash-ups (user-enhanced Google maps that layer location-specific information over area maps) and GPS-based mobile games. (source)

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Storytelling with Locative Media

Digital Locative Storytelling


We Tell Stories: The 21 Steps

A couple of projects done with Kids

Project Portable Ghosts

Become a Ghost Detective from the TV show to the virtual world onto the mobile, the web, print and into the real world. A truly unique social network experience that is also aimed at schools and parents. Based on the book of the same name by Margaret Mahy.

Wild Ark

iPod touch Game
Mission Nova is a fun iPod touch game that enriches kids experience of the zoo and encourages them to engage more meaningfully with the animals they meet. Nova is a recently discovered planet and the zoo is launching an expedition to find out if it is habitable for Earth’s animals. Using iPod touches, students follow clues, uncover information and recruit animals to crew the spaceships that make up the expedition.

Online Community
The in-zoo game extends to Wild Ark, an online social community that fosters imaginative play and provides opportunities for kids to get their hands dirty and participate in real world conservation projects. Wild Ark offers a new model for education and interpretation design aimed at enriching and extending the zoo experience for kids.

Wild Ark
Connects, inspires and empowers young people to take an active role in wildlife conservation.

Wild Ark Mobile
Enables visitors to access and interact with content at exhibits using handheld mobile devices. Delivers multiple content streams suitable for different audiences at any given location. Quickly create rich content with our easy-to-use content creation tool.

Wild Ark Online
Designed to extend the wildlife experience of the zoo through creative play, education and real world engagement

ARGs (Alternate Reality games)

ARGs Leverage Intelligence

7 things you should know about Alternate Reality Games

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