Multimodal Fiction in the Classroom

If people aren't taught the language of sound and images, shouldn't they be considered as illiterate as if they left college without being able to read and write? (Stephen Spielberg)

Top Resources for Examples of Classroom Tools and Multimodal Fiction by Adult Authors

Links to tools and examples for teachers by Alan Levine

My Digital Fiction Page

Original Multimodal Fiction by K-12 School Aged Students

Original Fan Fiction based on Inanimate Alice (on year 6 class wiki by Pascoevale PS)

Digi Ed Stop Motion video showcases

Orange Class Showcase (Martin Waller's year 2 class in the UK does 2D animation and more)

Messy Meaghan and Lovely Lilly (stop-motion story by Willowbrook elementary children)

Disobedient Snow Children (stop-motion story by Willowbrook middle-school Children)

iCann Festival de Cine - samples of teen cinema

Interactive hypertext stories by year 5 students:

Lots of Mashups / Adaptations / Retellings

Mark's Pokemon Journey:

Create your own Myths and Legends: has numerous examples from kids, i.e.:

Mashups and Adaptations using Inanimate Alice:

Romeo and Juliet machinima using Halo by kids for English assigment (there are a lot of these on youtube):

Back Story for Talented Mr Ripley (acted):

Cain and Abel Retelling (anime mashup - still images, video, audio voiceover):

1984: English class assignment (filmed acting):

Non-fiction Storytelling or Meta Storytelling

Global Kid's Machinima:

Voicethread Storytelling:

Poetry Collaboration:

Mabry Middle School Film Festival: has some multimodal non fiction

Visual Essay to describe thematic characteristic of Lord of the Flies:


How to use Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

Adobe Digital Resources:

Grazing for Digital Natives: Digital Storytelling

Storycooking with Ernie:

Storytelling from Images:

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Cannes for Kids

DigiTales - digital storytelling

The Magic of Digital Storytelling