An Introduction to Multimedia Storytelling and Machinima Making (using Kahootz)

1. Multimedia Storytelling

a) Getting Started

Question: what makes a multimodal story successful?

b) Viewing and Evaluating Teaching Resources

Some great resources to use to teach about multimedia storytelling are through reading and analysing some really effective texts.

Inanimate Alice

  1. Read through any two of the the four episodes Inanimate Alice.
  2. Discuss the accompanying pedagogical resource with one of your colleagues. In what ways might you incorporate the text into your own teaching, and which elements of the pedagogy resource could you adapt for your particular context? Lets share!

c) DIY Multimodal Text TASK - experimenting with multimedia digital authoring tools

  1. Check out Alan Levine’s 50 Ways to Tell a Story
  2. Let's try this one: Xtra Normal Text to Movie (make your own 3D movie in minutes)
  3. Sharing

d) Noah and Saskia
  1. Noah and Saskia site
  2. Noah and Saskia teaching resources

2. Machinima

a) Background and an Overview

Machinima slides

Links to some of the machinima described in this talk: SL machinima

b) Analysis and Discussion

TASK: Examine some Kahootz expressions and evaluate them There are many more examples of multimodal multimedia fiction in classrooms //here// .

c) DIY Machinima using Kahootz

Kahootz site
Kahootz Manual
Kahootz machinima
Kahootz on Youtube
Kahootz practical self-paced tutorials
Order a Kahootz Demo (1 per school)