Online Roleplaying


1. Read through the article provided. What are some of the key points made about the value of online roleplaying in the classroom?

2. Read through some online roleplaying from one of the sites below:

3. Find a new roleplaying site that you would be happy to use in your classroom. Add that site to the list below and provide a brief annotation so we know why you like it!

Some of the values of roleplaying:
  • People participate for enjoyment
  • Collaborative process, between players to continually develop their characters and the narrative
  • The worlds can be themed - ie. can be made subject specific
  • Allows the exporation of one's 'real identity' through characterisation
  • Participants communicate through a wide range of literate practices
  • Encourages the construction of narratives, in particular the plot, setting and characterisation
  • The use of existing texts allows individuals to draw on their own experiences, knowledge, background, resources and identities in order to construct something new
  • Focus is on the actual writing and development of a storyline rather than creating a new character
  • Researching constructs of the world to find new information ie. the way we speak and the language used by individuals of different backgrounds in different situations
  • Players are motivated to create narratives about their characters
  • Crossover fan fiction allows users to integrate different stories and characters
  • Players have to type in cues to drive the narrative and hence they must have an understanding of the characters thoughts, emotions and intentions
  • Aids in memory as players need to have a knowledge of the happenings in the story in order to continue the plot and be an active participant in the roleplay

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Gaia Online (link above) is very accessible (especially for newbies) in terms of joining, designing an avator, and playing games including a 'Word Bump' game based on spelling words. The entire site seems very extensive!

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Council of Elrond's Totally Tolkien

This site is comprehensive - provides a "home" or "community" for avid fans of Tolkien's world and literature.
Allows users to participate authentically in Tolkien's world - info on the film, book, author; metalanguage for participating in this world; fan fiction and fan art...
I'm not very into fantasy but do appreciate Tolkien's work - can understand how exciting this site could be for aspiring Middle Earthers...