Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials

New Literacies students must complete all 4 tutorials.
Digital Literacies students should select and respond to the first two tutorials

For ease of my own management, please make your own new page on which to complete your tutorial responses. You will need to spend approximately 2 hours on each tutorial, which brings your online time for this unit to 8 hours.

Tutorial 1:

Go to the Second Life page on the wiki. There are 11 questions throughout this tutorial which you should supply a brief response to on your own page. Please feel free to look at your classmate's pages and engage in dialogue with them about any point they have raised that interests you as well.

Tutorial 2:

Go to the Avatars page on the wiki. Listen to the podcast as you follow along with the slides. Your task for this tutorial is to upload a snapshot of your own avatar and describe it. If you experience technical or access difficulties, then you may prefer option 2, which is to comment on what aspects of the presentation you found intriguing or surprising and why.

Tutorial 3:

Go to the Play and Fun page on the wiki. There are two presentations here, one video and slides, one audio and slides. Watch both of them and spend some time commenting on what the key ideas for you are.

Tutorial 4:

Go to the Gaming page on the wiki. Watch the presentation by James Gee, and respond to the questions asked on this page.