New Media Literacies

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This space is being developed by Dr Angela Thomas and her students in several classes related to New Media Literacies.

The wiki will be used for students to add comments, resources and information about new media literacies in the spirit of becoming a part of a collaborative learning network. This is based on the general pedagogical potential of developing a community of practice :

Being alive as human beings means that we are constantly engaged in the pursuit of enterprises of all kinds, from ensuring our physical survival to seeking the most lofty pleasures. As we define these enterprises and engage in their pursuit together, we interact with each other and with the world and we tune our relations with each other and with the world accordingly. In other words we learn.
Over time, this collective learning results in practices that reflect both the pursuit of our enterprises and the attendant social relations. These practices are thus the property of a kind of community created over time by the sustained pursuit of a shared enterprise. It makes sense, therefore to call these kinds of communities communities of practice. (Wenger 1998: 45)